Winner's Pride: Electrical Upgrades For A Trophy Display Case

Posted on: 2 September 2016

Winning awards and trophies comes with a lot of pride. Many people want to show off this pride by creating a trophy case that can display all of their achievements. Setting up a basic case is fine, but if you really want to display your case of achievements, then you can pull out all of the stops with the help of an electrician. There are multiple upgrades you can add to a trophy case that will make it standout and become a highlight of any room that it is featured in.

Shelf Lighting

Line up each display shelf with some dramatic display lighting. An electrician can install strip lights that go across the edges of shelves on your trophy case. These lights can add a cohesive theme to the whole trophy case, and they also make it easy to read the trophies, plaques, and other awards that you have hung up.

Light sensors or timers can also be installed on the shelves. The sensors will automatically turn on the trophy case lighting when someone walks past it. Timers allow you to illuminate the trophy case for a specific time during the day and will shut it down overnight. This is ideal for trophy cases that are featured in sleeping areas.

USB Ports

Along with displaying your trophies, you can showcase videos and photos of the events that you won them at. A tablet or digital photo frame can display these forms of media. A USB port installation can give the devices constant power without having to worry about changing batteries or displays dying down. Just like the lighting, your devices can be set on timers so that the displays will only go on during specific times of the day.

Revolving Display Bases

In some cases, you may have too many trophies to view them all clearly. If this is the case, then you can have an electrician help you install an electric revolving display base. These round circular bases can hold multiple trophies and slowly rotate them around in your display case. An electrician can help with the wiring of the display base to make it look polished and clutter-free when placed in the trophy case. Depending on the size of your trophy case, you can have multiple revolving bases placed on different shelves. Some of these bases also includes lights that can illuminate the trophies as they slowly spin around.

Once you have your trophy display upgrades installed, you can use the display for many years to come. contact an electrical contractor for more help and information.