Is Your Home Ready For A New Gaming Season?

Posted on: 9 September 2016

New gaming consoles, more powerful gaming computers, and the need to be in different areas of the home can test the fortitude of an old home. A lot of electrical wiring mistakes can be found when a gamer takes over a home, or when a household has young gamers finally letting loose with their systems. If you've had a blackout from having too many devices connected, or can't find an easy place to connect your computer and its many entertainment peripherals, here's a few repairs and upgrades that an electrician can deliver.

Heavy Electrical Demand On Few Outlets

The problem with connecting multiple devices is that you're producing a higher burden of electricity to one set of wires. Electricity is a source of heat, and as the electrical demand focuses to a high-demand outlet with a lot of devices connected, the heat at that outlet becomes higher. 

This added heat leads to accelerated wear and tear. Although the power will be distributed eventually at other parts of the home, that specific outlet could become useless and require more than a replaced receptacle and face plate.

Depending on how old your home is, your wiring may not have been designed for more electrical use than a washer and dryer set or a stove in any part of the home. Homes need to be built quickly, so the house will be built to handle the standard demands of the average household. If you're a gamer, you're anything but standard.

An electrician can mitigate the damage before it begins while helping you become more efficient with power usage. Wiring can be done in a way that more evenly spreads the electrical demand, and multiple electricity receptacles can be added so that you don't have to connect two full power strips for your devices in one area.

Clustering Gameplay And Sharing Information

If you have multiple gamers in the household, keep in mind that this advice covers multiple mindsets. Ambiverts--people who genuinely want personal space and to be left alone, but still want access to people--may need additional outlets and heat-spreading wiring in different parts of the home to allow privacy and comfort in different parts of a room.

Gamers who want to be next to each other while having a LAN party-like setup will have even higher requirements because of all of the peripherals used by multiple people. For both situations, you'll need to make internet more efficient along with electrical connections.

Wireless is unreliable when it comes to gaming that relies on lightning-fast reflexes and response from servers. Unlike single player mobile games or turn-based games that pretend to be real time by having short turn phases, you need a consistent, wired connection to be competitive.

An electrician can bring network cables such as Ethernet cables or fiber optic cables through the walls while avoiding intricate electrical wiring. Although networking is the domain of Information Technology (IT) professionals, it's better to have an electrician navigate the walls and electrical paths.