I Need An Extension: 3 Hazards Associated With Extension Cord Use

Posted on: 12 September 2016

If you use extension cords to make up for a lack of available outlets in your home, you might want to have your home rewired. Extension cords can lead to serious injuries. In fact, according to statistics, about 4000 people are injured by extension cords each year. Of those 4000 people, 13% of the injuries are to children under the age of five. Here are three the three most common hazards associated with extension cord use.


If you have extension cords stretching from one side of the room to the other, you could be inviting a trip and fall accident. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to trip and fall accidents involving extension cords. If you have to use extension cords, be sure to run them along the walls. Never cover your extension cords with rugs, as that could create a serious fire hazard.

Electrical Burns

If you have small children, your extension cords should be kept out of their range. Small children don't know what to keep out of their mouths. Your child may be tempted to bite or chew on the extension cord. According to statistics, most electrical burns related to extension cords occur in children under the age of three. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are serious enough to require surgery. To protect you small children, keep extension cords out of their reach at all times. For maximum protection, if you have small children, you should avoid using extension cords altogether.


Extension cords are a convenient way to bring power to out-of-the-way areas of your home. However, those same extension cords can also be the cause of house fires. In fact, according to statistics, extension cords are responsible for about 3,300 house fires each year. Extension cord fires can be caused by several things including:

  • Damaged extension cords
  • Extension cord overloads
  • Inappropriate use

If you do have to use an extension cord, there are some steps you can take to protect your home and your family. First, always replace damaged extension cords. Second, never overload your power outlets. Finally, only use your extension cords for intended purposes, and according to the label instructions. If you smell smoke, or you feel heat radiating from the extension cord, you should unplug it immediately.

If you depend on extension cords for additional power sources inside your home, you could be inviting trouble. To avoid the safety hazards described above, talk to your electrician about having additional outlets installed in your home. For more information, contact Royal Plus Electric or a similar company.