Different Methods You Can Use To Disguise Unsightly Wires In Your Home

Posted on: 14 September 2016

The modern home typically has a number of electrical components throughout it, which means that there will also be a variety of electrical wires strewn about. An abundance of wires is generally unsightly, but you might be at a loss as to how to hide them. A good method is by hiring an electrician. He or she will be able to run many of the wires, such as those that connect a wall-mounted TV to the receiver, behind the walls and essentially make them disappear. If you're looking to do the work yourself and are concerned about your ability to do the job professionally, there are a number of simple shortcuts you can use to hide your wires.

Cable Covers

Cable covers go by many different names, but each of the names refers to a long plastic housing through which you run cables and wires. This is an effective tool to use when you have wires running along your baseboards in a disorganized fashion, for example. Instead, you can slide all of the wires into one of these open-ended units and set it on the floor; you'll still see the cable cover, but the wires will essentially be out of sight. This also makes your life easier when you're dusting or vacuuming your baseboards, as you can lift the cover to clean under it, rather than have to handle each of the wires separately.

Adhesive Hooks

If you're annoyed by the look of wires and a power bar on the floor beneath your entertainment unit, there's a simple fix that you can do yourself. Simply buy a number of hooks from your local home supply store and screw them to the rear of the unit in a straight line. You can then lift the wires and lay them all in the hooks where they'll essentially be invisible unless you have the unit pulled out from behind the wall. A thicker hook or two can also hold the power bar in the same manner.

Baseboard Cover

Many companies sell decorative baseboard covers that add some degree of visual appeal to your home, while also providing space to hide your wires behind them. Browse the available selections and find something that suits the look of your home; one such option is a picket fence style. This accessory stands in front of your current baseboard, allowing you to stack your wires behind it so they're not as apparent.

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