Installing A Customized Doorbell? Do You Need An Electrician?

Posted on: 26 September 2016

If you've recently purchased your first home, you may be anxious to make small but noticeable changes that will help it feel more like your own. For some families, this can include a doorbell with a customized chime -- a favorite song or even a personalized message you record yourself. However, if your new home doesn't have a working door chime, or if you're not confident in your ability to swap out the existing door chime for an mp3 version, you may be reluctant to undertake this project on your own. Read on to learn more about some of your customized doorbell installation options, as well as a few situations in which hiring an electrician may be the best route. 

What customized doorbells are available?

There are a wide variety of electronic door chimes available, many at a fairly low cost. If you simply want a more interesting alternative to a single or double chime, you can purchase a door chime that plays a short tune or lets you rotate through a set of different songs.

For those who want to frequently change their door chime, a Bluetooth-enabled mp3 doorbell is likely your best option. Bluetooth technology allows you to send songs and other audio media directly to your doorbell, letting you record your own greetings or set different songs for each day of the week.

Can you install a doorbell yourself?

In many cases, removing the current doorbell and installing a customized one is no more difficult than replacing a light switch -- simply cutting off power to the circuit, unscrewing the existing doorbell, removing all attached wires, and reattaching them to the matching locations on a new electronic doorbell. With a screwdriver, set of pliers, and access to a search engine or do-it-yourself videos, most new homeowners with at least a little know-how should be able to handle this swap in less than an hour.

However, there are a few situations in which contacting an electrician for assistance may be the better choice. If your home's current doorbell doesn't work, yet you're able to test it by hooking it up to a 9-volt battery to find that it is operational, you'll probably need professional help to find out why that circuit isn't getting power. Homes that have no doorbell (or space for a doorbell to be placed) may also need some additional wiring that can be difficult for you to do alone. For help installing your new doorbell, contact a licensed electrician at a company like Advantage Electric.