Four Things To Look For In An Electrician

Posted on: 30 September 2016

You may think if you need a professional electrician they all have the same qualifications and anyone in the phone-book will do, but not all electricians are created equal. Here are four things to look for before hiring an electrician for your home or business.

Are They Certified?

A poor wiring job can be costly. It can also be dangerous. Your home or business needs to be wired properly in order to prevent constant short-circuiting from electrical overload. Inadequate wiring can cause electricity interruptions or require you to not run too many things at once to get around it. It can also cause a fire hazard. Take the time to interview a prospective electrician to ensure they have the necessary credentials to be certified. Ask if they belong to any trade organizations as well. While membership isn't mandatory, it can give you extra added security and faith in their skill level.

Do They Have Insurance?

An unlicensed, uninsured electrician may charge less, but the risk isn't worth the short-term savings. The electrician needs to be licensed to provide services in the greater Raleigh area, and they need to be insured in the event anything goes wrong. No matter how skilled or experienced an electrician is, working with electricity can sometimes be an uncertain thing. The last thing you want is for a wiring job to go wrong and have to pay out-of-pocket to correct the situation. This can be particularly expensive in new construction if walls need to be opened and everything rewired and then put back together, or if appliances are destroyed from electrical surges. Most homeowner's insurance will not cover problems that arise as a result of work done by an unlicensed, uninsured tradesman.

How Much Do They Charge?

Professional tradesmen are experts in their fields, and as such, they deserve to be paid what they are worth. That being said, you need to make sure you can afford them before they do the work. Make sure you get a specific quote that clearly breaks down the work to be completed, the parts and materials, and the expected time frame the work will be done in.

Do They Have References?

They may have met all of the above criteria, but a good electrician should be able to provide the names of previous customers who were satisfied with their services. If you need electrical work done in the Raleigh area, consult a professional electrician like CMC Electric