How To Replace A Halogen Light Bulb

Posted on: 4 February 2018

Halogen lights produce an intense bright white light, which shines brighter than a standard incandescent light. Many homeowners prefer them to save on electricity and to reduce eye strain. However, there comes a time when you have to replace them.

Halogen light bulbs can be tricky to replace but it isn't impossible with the right tools. This guide will show you how to change a halogen light bulb.

Prepare to Replace the Bulb

To replace the halogen bulb you will need :

  • heavy work gloves or paper towel
  • step-stool or step-ladder 
  • light-bulb grip (optional)
  • screwdriver
  • drinking straw (optional)
  • thick papers or old cloths
  • replacement bulb

Shut off power to the fixture from the breaker box, or unplug the cord. Let the bulb cool ten to fifteen minutes before removing it.  

Remove the Bulb

Position a step-ladder or step-stool to comfortably reach the bulb, if needed. Some bulb housings don't have heat protection coatings, so use a paper towel or heavy work gloves to keep oils from the fixture. Touch the bulb to ensure it is cool enough to remove.

If the bulb has a cover, depress the clips, or use a screwdriver to detach screws, and set parts aside. Grab the bulb with gloved hands or a paper towel, and push it into the socket. 

Turn the bulb to the left, keeping steady pressure on it, but never exert too much force. Using the thumbs. Halogen bulbs connect by pins, and turning the bulbs align the notches and pins. 

After the bulb stops turning, press it inward, and turn it 90 degrees. If the bulb is in a tight space, use a bulb grip. Alternately, insert a flattened drinking straw end one-half inch into the ring around the bulb, and move it a for a can opener. Gently wiggle the bulb to detach it, and place in a cloth or a paper towel.

Install the New Bulb

Buy a new bulb the same wattage as the old one, and take the old bulb with you to use as a guide. Let the bulb get to room temperature in the box to avoid risking an explosion from a cold bulb.

Lay the new bulb in a paper towel or gloved hands, and align the notches with the pins. Press the new bulb into place, check for a tight fitting, then reinstall the cover.

Wrap the old bulb in thick papers or an old thick cloth to discard it to avoid hand injury in case the bulb breaks. Reinstall the power, and test the bulb. To learn more, contact an electrician near you.