• Four Things To Look For In An Electrician

    You may think if you need a professional electrician they all have the same qualifications and anyone in the phone-book will do, but not all electricians are created equal. Here are four things to look for before hiring an electrician for your home or business. Are They Certified? A poor wiring job can be costly. It can also be dangerous. Your home or business needs to be wired properly in order to prevent constant short-circuiting from electrical overload. [Read More]

  • 3 Simple Ideas To Add Automation To Your Home For Improved Energy Efficiency

    There are many different things that you may be considering doing to make your home more energy efficient. Some of the improvements may include home automation. These can sometimes be complicated, but there are some simple solutions to consider, such as adding motorized shades and smart AC thermostats. Here are some simple solutions that you may want to consider to make your home more energy efficient with automation: 1. Adding A New Smart Thermostat To Easily Automate HVAC [Read More]

  • Four Electrical Issues That Everyone Should Take Seriously

    Residential electrical services are a convenience that many people take for granted. This can cause them to overlook what they may deem as minor electrical issues. If you incorrectly assess the seriousness of an electrical issue, you may end up with a minor inconvenience or serious consequences. Losing power in parts or all of your home are examples of minor inconveniences, and electrocution or electrical fires are examples of serious consequences. [Read More]

  • Installing A Customized Doorbell? Do You Need An Electrician?

    If you've recently purchased your first home, you may be anxious to make small but noticeable changes that will help it feel more like your own. For some families, this can include a doorbell with a customized chime -- a favorite song or even a personalized message you record yourself. However, if your new home doesn't have a working door chime, or if you're not confident in your ability to swap out the existing door chime for an mp3 version, you may be reluctant to undertake this project on your own. [Read More]

  • Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Inspecting And Cleaning An Electric Pump's Evaporator

    Whether it's for your pool or for your home's heating system, electric pumps are an essential feature of modern life. If your pump hasn't been working properly lately or is only working in spurts, the problem may lie with the evaporator (the part that takes in outside air to heat it up). While you're inspecting and cleaning an electric pump's evaporator, remember to avoid these three pitfalls. Starting Your Work Before The Unit Can Properly Cool Down [Read More]

  • Data Cabling Mistakes You Are Likely To Make As A DIY Installer

    If you are planning to upgrade your data cables, one of the decisions you have to make is to handle it as a DIY project or hire a professional electrician. This is, of course, assuming that you have some data cabling skills. Before you go ahead with DIY installation, however, make sure you won't be making these three mistakes that novices tend to make: Running Cables Near Noisy Fixtures Any electrical device that emits electromagnetic signals can interfere with signals along your data lines. [Read More]

  • How Can You Tell If Your Home Isn't Getting Enough Eletrical Service?

    Older homes frequently get less electrical service than more modern homes. As a result, homeowners with older homes often find that their property doesn't get enough electrical service for their needs. Knowing the warning signs that your home doesn't get enough electrical service can help you decide whether or not it's time for a panel upgrade. How can you tell if your home isn't getting enough electrical service? You'll be able to tell that your home isn't getting enough electrical service by the following warning signs: [Read More]

  • Different Methods You Can Use To Disguise Unsightly Wires In Your Home

    The modern home typically has a number of electrical components throughout it, which means that there will also be a variety of electrical wires strewn about. An abundance of wires is generally unsightly, but you might be at a loss as to how to hide them. A good method is by hiring an electrician. He or she will be able to run many of the wires, such as those that connect a wall-mounted TV to the receiver, behind the walls and essentially make them disappear. [Read More]

  • Avoiding Electrical Hazards When Re-Entering A Home Damaged By Flood Waters

    Cleanup is just the first step of what can be a grueling recovery process following a flood. Since water and electrical current don't mix, the electrical safety of a home that has been inundated by flood waters is serious business. Avoiding the danger of electrical injuries requires taking certain measures before going back inside to assess the overall damage. Electric Meter Shut Off Don't enter your basement or home if it's flooded until the utility company or a licensed electrician can come and shut off the power at the meter. [Read More]

  • Why An Electrician Would Use Infrared Testing And Why You Might Need Such A Service

    Infrared testing is often used to detect changes in temperature underneath concrete or detect objects under concrete that should not be there (e.g., human remains). However, in the world of electricity, infrared has slightly different uses. Here is why an electrician might need to use infrared testing and why you might need him/her to do it. There Are "Hot Wires" in Your Walls Electrical wires that are no longer insulated because rodents or other pests have chewed through the protective coating are often referred to as " [Read More]